My friends start page has become locked in a strange way. Imediatly I knew it had to be a setting in the registry.

He is useing Windows ME.

Now when I am at his house, I first go to the site he wants set as the start page. Then I go into Internet Options, and choose Use Current. And I click Apply. Reset the computer, and its back to what it was. Note that it is not greyed out, you could actualy type into it. The start page is currently our ISP. Never hapened before, and mine is not locked.

I have done some searching and found a way to lock the start page,

HKEY_USERS/.DEFAULT/Software/Policies/Microsoft/InternetExplorer/Control Panel/Home Page = 0 (unlocked) Home Page = 1 (locked)

I dont see him for a while, so on my own computer I set it to 1, to lock it. Then in Internet Options My start page is greyed out. Imediatly i know this is not his problem. As his is not greyed out, you can type into it.

So this cannot be the way his was locked. Now ive been searching and read that some ISPs lock your start page. We both use the same ISP, and have been useing them for more then a year. Also his never used to be locked, it just hapened within the last 3 weeks. The home page it is set to, and keeps reseting to is our ISP.

I thought maybe spyware, so We used Spybot S&D and did a complete scan and cleaned all that was found. Problem still exists. So the only other thought I have is there is another hidden registry entery somewhere that is doing this, or a program thats starting with his computer is reseting it.