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    Neal Stephenson Books

    Stephenson is my new favorite author! I just finished Snow Crash and have started Cryptonomicon. He has such a passion for writing about new technology and aspects of it he'd like to see explored more. For instance, in Snow Crash, there is a metaverse in which everyone is plugged into and can walk around and visit different places like real life. Programmers can create objects and programs for themselves to have in the metaverse which means they're the supreme beings. It's a very enticing book, I highly recommend it!
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    I will second this. His book other books are also good (Zodiak, The Big U, and Diamond Age). He is a very informative writer, and a great benefit to the intellectual community of computer aware people.

    I would highly recommend any of his books. He optimizes the imagination that got us the toys we all know and love, and the imagination that will continue inventing new toys for us all to learn about.


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    A metaverse where everyone is plugged in and can visit places designed by programmers? Sounds very much like the matrix...hehe...interesting idea of course. I'll have to check his stuff out.
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