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Thread: Protecting my site (help pls)

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    Cool Protecting my site (help pls)

    i need ways to protect my gaming website, recently some1 broke in and edited the pages (making me look bad). i got that person ISP banned but now his friends are attempting to "attack" my site now. can some1 give me ways to prevent them from breaking in?

    i could give his ip u want to play wit him

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    Welcome to AO my friend. First off I just want to say that person hacked you, the point of us here is not for someone else to go and hack them in "revenge".

    Secondly what is your server, are you in control or is it elsewhere outside your network, etc?? For anyone here to help you we will need more information!

    We are here to help, but can only when properly informed.

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    Formatting my server because someone hacked into it sounds pretty boring to me...
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    thanks umm i don't really want revenge i want to prevent it form happening (but since he presists it sorta got personal cuz he got warned by his isp)
    anyway i'm not in total control of my server, i get an awesome package from www.ipowerweb.com i think they are linux cuz i couldn't run a certain forum on it cuz of that reason

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    A bit more information would be nice, ie what does your web site, what was it written in, (its it static or dyamic) are you using a data base etc?

    Do you know how they are trying to attack you, how did the person get in last time?

    Without a little more information it is a little hard to explain how to secure it.

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    well i dun know how he got in last time
    it's written in plain html, no java, it has 1 database for the forums but that was added after the first attack. I dunno what static or dynamic is =/
    sry but a newbs gotta start somewhere =|

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