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Thread: new reading...

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    new reading...

    Im looking for a new book to start reading, i have read "the art of deception", "steal this computer book 2", "the hacker diaries:confessions of teenage ahckers". can anyone suggest some more books that are good,
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    Hacking exposed & Maximum security a hackers guide to protecting you're network you could google for the second one you will find it on line but you would have to buy hacking exposed
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    Hey XTC46,

    I'd personally like to recommend the book Counter Hack , by Ed Skoudis. This book does an incredible job by first explaining the different protocols that the internet uses and the different platforms out there (windows, *nix, etc..). Afterwords the book takes you through each phase of an attack...
    --How they gain access
    --How they maintain it
    --and how they cover up their tracks...

    Durring these sections the book also provides excellent means on how to prevent yourself from succumbing to these attacks. Great read...

    However, if your just getting into hacking that book may be a little over your head. In this case may I humbly recommend Cybershock, by Winn Schwartau. Personnaly, this was the first book that I read on the topic... (It was kinda like fate how I found it too, another story...) It introduces many of the topics, as well as presenting some personal stories that the author has had at DefCon or in general that keep the book entertaining. Another great read!

    I read Mitnick's The Art Of Deception , it was an ok read if your looking for only ways hackers socially manipulate information out of people. It was a good read, I learned a lot, sometimes I think the guys over-rated heavilly though...

    Oh well, hope this helps you on your search...
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    I'm currently reading a book called

    Microsoft Windows Security: For Windows 2000 and XP

    Also Hacking Exposed 4'th edition

    And reading a book on TCP/IP

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    My recommendations in order are:

    Counter Hack, Ed Skoudis
    Hacking Exposed
    Hacking Web Applications Exposed

    There are alot of little subbooks to the Hacking Exposed line that are all pretty helpful, it just kind of depends on what you are looking for...

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    A great book is Counter Hack!! Best book I have ever read.

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