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Thread: VPN Question

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    VPN Question

    I was looking through my DLink Routers in the tools->misc section and noticed it gave me choice about VPN:

    VPN Pass-THrough
    Allows VPN connections to work through the DI-604.
    PPTP Enabled Disabled
    IPSec Enabled Disabled

    can you explain what PPTP and IPSec are and whether they are a security threat

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    The short answer, minus all the reading, is that many encryption protocols used by VPN (IPSec and GRE are two) are seperate from TCP/IP (for example, IPSec is protocol 50). If you have any clients on your network that need to connect to a VPN concentrator or through a firewall using VPN, you will have to allow the proper protocols to pass to make the connection (IPSec also needs UDP 500).

    If you aren't making any VPN connections, I would recommend leaving them off under the general philosophy of 'If you aren't using it, don't enable it.'

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    thank you both

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