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Thread: missing usb port

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    missing usb port

    when I try and use my palm or intel cam I am told that my usb port is missing. I am running windows 98se, I have an AMD-k6 mother board. Been to their site to try and find the driver but no luck their either. Also have checked my device manager and no usb there, only LTP and com1 and com2. The only other thing I checked was the CMOS and saw nothing there either. Could somebody please help me with this problem? THanks in advance.

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    Cruise on over to The Driver Guide and see if you can find it there. Username is "drivers" (no quotes), p/w is "all". If the USB is built into your board, thats the only suggestion I have. If it's card-based, try re-seating the card or moving it to a different slot (could be a conflict at the root of the problem).
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