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Thread: Internet speed up tools

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    Internet speed up tools

    CableNut optimizes your Windows TCP/IP stack, enabling you to tweak your Internet connection, whether you connect via cable, DSL, dialup or satellite.
    CableNut v4.08

    Improve your Internet transfer speeds with this Dial-Up Networking boosting utility.
    PPP boost

    Improve download speed, resume broken downloads, and find mirror sites with this download manager.
    Download Accelerator Plus 5.3

    Pre-cache Web links that you select so they display in your browser instantly.
    MicroSurfer 2.1.1 free

    Microsurfer 2.2 Plus Edition (free trial)

    Accelerate file downloads from the Internet and resume broken connections.
    Fresh Download 5.8 also available FREE , Fresh Diagnose and Fresh UI

    Increase download speeds and resume broken downloads.
    83 percent out of 135 people voted that it is excellent

    Star Downloader 1.42

    Kill annoying popup ads and speed up your browser with this tool.
    Popup Ad Free

    Boost and optimize the speed of your Internet connection.
    NEW Internet Speed booster 3.0 also available for free , Robust FTP V3.0 and Internet Download Manager 3.0

    Feel free to add more spped up tools

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    Thanks for the post Memory

    That's some good info, but my inherent paranoia solicits a question. How many are free of spy ware?
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    am not sure :-D ...after you install one or more of the listed programs download Ad-Aware and/or Spybot and scan your computer to be sure you are free of spyware

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