Anyone tried Tipping Point? I have been interested for a while and even went so far as to arrange a quote. and I say again EXPENSIVE, but it's hard to place a price on security, know what I mean? One bad attack could be worth the money. But at the same time we, as trusted souls, don't want to just throw money away. After all, I have a theory, could that money I save come back to me as a bonus some day?? I would like to think YES!

First off, I have an IDS so I have to have something to goes BEYOND that. There is also Microsoft ISA server out there. Great stuff too. This Tipping Point thing does indeed look promising. After all, it does have SANS support. In fact according to all sources I have contacted, their team works hard at identifying threats and the box can be set to update new signatures every night. There are a lot of security appliances out there, and before anyone says it, I have “google”d my research. In fact I have a date in the near future to attend a real world installation of one of these boxes. It definitely pays to network around the local IT community.

So I ask, anyone got the real diddy on this thing? Is it worth trashing my significant investment in an already functioning ID System? Even though it definitely lags a bit in signature updates.

Tipping Point