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Thread: You Have 42 new mesages->AAGHHHH!

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    You Have 42 new mesages->AAGHHHH!


    Well you guessed it.
    "GROUP TODAY WE GOT A NEW MEMBER,please interduce yourself to the group"
    Hi group my name is EINzTEIn, and uhhh.. I dont know.... uhhh....how to say this....
    buhhhhhtt........please dont laugh,I am a SPAM VICTEM.
    he he

    Thats me in a thew dayz.

    Can anyone please help me, i need to stop spam.

    Its porn sites,pornsites,porn sites ,porn sites.............oh yeah and uhhh porn sites.

    I guess it all began when All Free Porn started e-mailing me(dont know how they got me)
    I said i wanna unsubsrcibe and did say "PLEASE".


    Or does anyone know of any Software that could KILL these ****ers's EMAIL maybe him TOO.

    Well i guess it could have been worse than getting 42-emails p/day, i could have gotten
    43 emails p/day.

    Please help me.

    I dont wanna change mah E-MAIL addres cause i have VALUABLE email always coming in.

    DAMN, guess I'M SCREWD.

    Well, thank you for taking the time of thinking about all the SPAM VICTEMs
    Have a SPAM-FREE DAY

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    Without knowing much about your mail system (pop, imap, what client your using) it's kinda tough, but you might want to check out Mailwasher.


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    I said i wanna unsubsrcibe and did say "PLEASE'
    Thats one part where you goofed. Whenever you tell companies you want to unsucribe to their mailing list then they know for sure that they got you.

    Good luck

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    I use hotmail

    I'll "fight of the the invader"
    Maybe I am gonna join Mr.Bush in the war on SPAM.......or something

    EITHER WAY -> I'm ****ED FOR LIFE!!!

    Thanx for the replies, and for reading.

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    Ok never....ever.....ever.....ever.....ever.....ever (am I getting my point across?) reply in anyway, shape, form or fashion to any kind of spam email - even if it is to unsubscribe. Many spammers collect email addresses by webcrawling - gettin scripts and such like to traul thro sites collecting anything that looks like an email address......now alot of these will not be anyones actual real addy I know i fill out most forms (that dont need email verification) with something like blah@blahmail.com and am sure alot of other people do to.

    But when you reply to any form of spam you are shooting up a nice big flare and shouting - woohoo!!!! I'm here this address is real cause I opened your email and even sent you a nice wee note to show you

    even opening spam email can be sending out this msg - now am not sure of the specifics but I think that if you have your email set to view html formatted emails (like a large majority of email users have) then the malicous spammers may include a little bit of code in the email that notifys them when it is viewed - like a sorta hit counter only they can see......this could quite easily include some sort of unique information so they could verify whoch address had opened it....this seems highly unlikely tho due to the large amount of spam these companys send per day (i think large companys are in the millions) but say they had a system like.......

    spam 1 - 500,000 asigned id 00001
    spam 500,001 - 1,000,000 assigned id 00002

    and so on then when someone from one of the groups opened an email it would send back the id like say number 1 - they would then know that at least 1 of the emails in the first 500,000 is active the more replies they get with id 1 the more people in that block are active

    i dont know any of this for fact and have really just tried to figure out what would seem like a viable option to them of the top of my head but would say it ain't far from the mark

    anyone know if I am even close??


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    EINzTEIN, using hotmail for anything that is important, or critical is a big mistake in its self. But, hotmail does offer an option for blocking anyn mail coming from a paticular addy. This can gain you even more spam though, because the sender gets a return message saying you have blocked him. Then they just change the outgoing e-mail addy and send you more.
    The only thing you can do, using hotmail, is to make you account exclusive. In options, you can set your account to only accept mail from anyone who is already in your address book, or safe list (that you create). Everything else goes to junk mail. Then you can set your junk mail to delete everthing coming into it immeadiately, and you will never see it. The main drawback to that is if someone you know changes their e-mail address qand is trying to notify you of this....you will never know it.
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    Try this program www.mozilla.org should stop some of them. .

    Cya --d00dz attackin
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    heres a good idea, hotmail has the provision to use custom filters on your mail, go to ya account options --> custom filters and add some there, look at the subject and sender lines in the email and try to work out a pattern of the SPAM crap youre getting and try and find some words that appear in most of the emails and then set it to direct any emails with those words to the spam folder or delete them entirely

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    I agree trying to block them just plan doesn't work, you get another email the next day from deals43224.com instead of deals00943.com. I think I might have a trick that could work or could make things worse. Haven't tested it yet. Get the E-mail of your little brother or sister, whichever you hate more, and send an email notifying the spamers that you want to recieve more deals but are changeing your address to (Bro's emial) and will not be useing this one anymore. If that doesn't work, well misery enjoys company doesn't. You and your bro can join SPAMed Annomous together.
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    Isbar -> thats a damn good idea, my brother is going to get his fill

    Thank you for helping me and i am on my way to go change the Config, thank you all so very very very very very ...............(the spam got to my head->its toooo late too save me now.)

    Damn dont you jus hate it when you open your mailbox and see a BITCH(an i dont mean no dog) blow-jobbing a ****en DOG,, NOW THATS ****EN SICK.

    And one of my Bro's told me that M$ sued some spammers, is that true??
    He also said it was only cause they made the M$N network slower.

    And if M$ sued them, can i SUE the BITCHES and BASTARDS aswell, or do i 1st need to find a KIDDIE PORN PIC somewhere on there site(hey why not join in with the SUEing frenzy??)

    Well anyways thank you guyz,again.

    Damn, i dont know how to thank you(not jus for this help, but all that i have gotten from the
    GREAT AO-members.)

    I know -> Be on the look out for a thread named SPECIAL THANX TO:

    Cheers ppl and machines, have a fat day

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