Ok I know there is a hardware forum but isn't a 'what do you recommend' or 'how do i' type question so i thought twas better suited to GCC

I have just purchased a my first graphics tablet and wanted to know other peoples opinions on them? Am off to a shake start as having never used one before but think it has real potential - dunno if it will ever fully take over from my trusty mouse but I think it could make certain tasks (esp graphic design type things) alot easier - what do others think?

have you purchased a tablet and are now deeply in love with it? is your mouse sitting in a drawer somewhere gathering dust? Or is it the other way round? did you buy on only so that it could find itself on eBay a week later? or do you use mouse & tablet together?

what have you found to be the disadvantages/advantages?
and does the handwriting recognition software really work?