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    corel linux problem

    so i let corel linux take over my 20gb hard drive and let windows xp to have my 80gb. i did some googled research and found that corel automatically installs a program of which i can choose what to log into. no win/nix partition combinations to worry about so all was good. uh oh this is an old distrubution from 99. and my cheap little video card (geforce4 mx420, no laughs or applauses) might cause some issues. so i thought let me first see if i can log into xp, selection number 6, ntsf, and it loads, and loads, and watches me drink a soda.... nothing, damn, problem number 1. then i say, to hell with it, i wanna log into nix and get some things working, i select vga mode and it takes its time and i notice that it says hda2 uncleanly mounted, must be talking about the windows drive, but that was an ignored issue. i go and theres the login screen, i type in my user name and it hasnt yet asked for a password so i just leave it blank and hit enter, blue appears on some of the screen and the rest is left the same... problem 2

    so if you can offer any additional help, ill bake you cookies, or some other gracious thing thanks

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    Your problem is using corel linux...... I remember in HS my teacher gave me the promo CD they had sent the school.. We tried on about 6 different machines and never got a decent install. It's a horrible horrible OS (or at least it was a few years ago)... Try a newer version (if you want to risk it) or go with a more stable (and better developed) Linux like Mandrake or SuSE.
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    If you don't get it figured out and you internet connection is dial up ,pm me i have many assorted distros kicking around that i have no real need for.
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