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    "User Tends to Assign"

    I dont know why this is happening, but whenever I make a post it says that I tend to assign extremely negative antipoints.

    However, over the last week, and previously, I have given out nothing but positive antipoints.

    Also, my personal sidebar menu when I first log in says that I tend to assign neutral antipoints.

    dont know whats going on, but though I would point it out.


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    Its probaly not a big deal. When I was a newbie I had the same problem, but after i got enough Positive ap's it went back to the middle.

    Your ap's don't really help anybody till you have 50 of them. Just click on the ap center and see how many you have.

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    From what i have heard, it's a problem that occured after jupitermedia took over AO, just a little glitch. It will straighten out when you get 50 positive antipoints though. There are a few threads on this, so if you want a little more info on it you could take a quick look at them. All in all, nothing to worry about.

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    happening to me to, anyways thanks for the info

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