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    Addicts forum post viewable to all...

    I went to the main page and had it sort the messages with only the "unanswered" ones showing. When I did this, it came up with a post in the Addicts forum (which I don't have access to). So, I clicked on it and it showed me the post just fine, which it should not have done. From there, I was like, "wtf, can I now see Addicts forum posts?" and I clicked on the forum "Antionline Addicts" and it gave me the message "Sorry, but you don't have enough posts under your belt yet to post, reply to, or read messages in this particular forum" which is what I thought it should have said when I went to the original post. The post that I'm speaking of is at http://www.antionline.com/showthread...readid=245401. Hope this report helps, er something.

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    this problem has allready been posted here http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=243296 ...still tx for reminding us i wonder why they havent fixed that bug ....

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    Damn that bug is giving up our secrets. Hopefully it will fix FAST. Wonders why when I was a member, newbie, etc I wasn't able to look in there, with the bug in effect?

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