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Thread: playing old games

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    playing old games

    Hey, I'm currrently running win xp pro, I was wondering if there's anything I can do to play old dos/win95/98 games, that cannot run under xp. Is there a windows emulator or something like it.


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    Have you tried XPs compatibility mode?? I find it works for most older programs...

    Right Click on the executable
    Click on Properties
    Click the compatibility
    Check the box next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
    Select your OS choice from the drop down box
    Click OK
    If this doesn't suit you, set-up a second partition with Win98 on it to play your games, or even easier.. install VMWare and set-up a win98 VM for gaming..
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    there is a DOS emulator running on either *nix or windows available here


    However I'd try HTRegz suggestion first - in any case most Win9x games will still play under XP... and I have got DOS games to run under XP without any tweaking at all (Sim Tower for example). There are some games which won't play on XP (at least I have never got them to play) because they weren't coded very well in the first place (e.g. Black Moon Chronicles from Ubisoft if I remember correctly)...

    What are you trying to get working?

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    I found a VM ware install of 95/98 works great. especialy because you can tweak the processor and memory usage.
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    knoppix comes with wine

    but hey then you'll be running linux to play windows games..

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    Actually to run all my old DOS games and what not I just use emulators that I randomly find online and put them on my Dell Axim PocketPC... runs really nice and it's about the right processor power so everything isn't too fast or too slow. Plus the thing works great for NES/Sega/GameBoy/etc types of emulators!

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