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Thread: try this on your m$ word

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    Talking try this on your m$ word

    open a blank word document...
    type =rand(200,99) and press <enter>

    even bill gates don't know bout this..

    does anyone knows other func that react just like this?

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    LOL.. That's pretty cool... "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." Whoever knew that the programmers at Microsoft had a sense of humor?!

    = Cheers, jag291 =


    This got me so interested into Word that I actually did a search for this and found out that this function checks that all the letters show up from the English language (A-Z), otherwise I haven't found any other logical use for it.

    For those who can't get this to work, you don't include the "type" before the "=".

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    You may want to move this gcc, I don't see how this is security related.

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    heh, that's really cool

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    Hidden functions such as this are known as Easter Eggs. There is a site that is dedicated to these ( http://www.eeggs.com/ ) and there are easter eggs for many different things.

    I have seen the egg that is the topic of this thread, but I don't remember where. Also, in Internet Explorer, try "about:mozilla" instead of "about:blank"... But I don't know too much how this deals with security, unless you could exploit these eggs...


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    it seemed fun and i had anything to do so i started changing the numbers and this were my results. they aren't complete but you get the idea.

    =rand(200,99) 151 pages
    =rand(200,98) 147
    =rand(200,89) 136

    =rand(200,01) 4 pages but its in 1 column
    =rand(200,02) 4 pages in 2 columns
    =rand(200,03) 8 pages
    =rand(200,10) 19 pages

    you get the idea

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    Yup....stuff like that is why the folks at M$ make "the big bucks".....

    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Geez... I ran that on MS Office Word 2003 (Beta 2 Tech Refresh) and it output 235 pages. Kinda overboard, don't ya think?


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    Like jokes, urban legends, and virus hoaxes, tips about Word’s little-used or undocumented features periodically makes their way around the Internet, occasioning a wave of postings in Word newsgroups. One of these is =rand(), which is sometimes represented as an Easter egg, sometimes feared as a possible virus. It is neither. It is a Word function (undocumented in the online Help but documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base) that can be useful in certain circumstances.
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