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Thread: another norton bug

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    another norton bug

    i recieved a ail in one of the lists which staes:

    Symantec NAV 7.6 Corporate Edition has a MAJOR fault when running on XP.
    It simply will NOT scan floppies on the fly (even with the most
    restrictive settings enabled) This is a bug that has been confirmed by
    Symantec (after 3 months of sitting on their bum doing absolutely NOTHING
    about it)

    I still haven't seen a solution - other than dumping the product yet.

    Below are snippets from actual Symantec tech support e-mails.

    "With 7.61 on the XP Pro machine (your Vectra) we did not catch the virus
    at the floppy, however we did catch it when we burned it to CD.

    I tested with 7.61 build 45 on XP PRO.. not your machine.. we did not
    catch the virus at the floppy.
    I tested the 8.01 on a machine that wasn't yours as well and it worked as

    I am thinking at this point there could be a couple of things happening.
    1)XP PRO does something between NAV 7.6x and the floppy
    2) XP PRO does something to Nav 7.6x "

    I think they should advertise this widely but.....
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    Hmm, that's kinda messed up that they haven't released a fix for it yet. This really is a huge bug, and me being a user of NAV 7, I'm thankful for you posting it.

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    Hmm you would think that Symantec being a big company that they would be able to produce a fix for it in no time at all. of course I do know that fixing things does take time but put it near the top of things to do list. to get it done faster

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    Screw fixing it that type of bug never should've made it out of SQA. (software quality assurance). SOunds like they need better testers. (if they use testers at all)
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    Could be an OS issue for all we know. I have noticed some lag in other applications in XP when accessing drives, in fact some have been modified. Might be an old habit but I never trusted on the fly scanning with floppies, I always perform full scans on floppies before doing anything. In fact most people, through wickedness on the IT management side, have had their floppies removed, permanately.
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    As an admin for a decent sized NAV Corporate Edition site, all I have to say about this is..... Why are you not running 8 on your XP Pro machines? 8 has been available for a year ish, unless I am seriously misremembering my timeline. If you are paying for support for the corporate edition, which you must be, or else your subscription for signature updates is no longer valid, you should get a complete set of disks with updated versions every 4 to 6 months. I do anyway.

    I agree this is a bad bug to have in a released version of software. Although I do not remember if 7.6 claimed to support XP. I do know that 7.5 did not work at all with XP Pro, and 7.6 did, but I do not know if it was officially supported for XP Pro or not. If it was not "supported" there is no problem with having this bug.

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    Are we really overlooking the possibility of this being a winXP floor. Microsoft haven't been making the most reliable products.

    We could be putting the blame all on Symantec and it might just be a WinXp problem or like IchNiSan mentioned it may not even be supported.

    I just don't see why a big company like Symantec would let something like that slip through the pipe lines.

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    even if its a bug in XP norton testers should have caught it and found a work around...they advertise it for XP
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    If its supposed to work on XP then they should have a fix for the problem. Cos this seems like a major bug to me. But then it could be a problem with XP itself, in which case it could be more difficult for Symantec to solve the problem without MS help.

    But if u have a corporate agreement with Symantec for the Anti virus software then, like ichnisan said u should be upgrading to version 8. This would solve that problem and maybe help u out in a few other ways as well.

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