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Thread: My computer is PMSing

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    My computer is PMSing

    sup guys, this has to do with my computer hardware so im fairly sure this is the right place to post....anyway, ever since built my own box since last febuary its always been really touchy, for example, i will take the cover off, do some things inside like attach some sensors for my digital doc, or change out a fan, trivial things that should not affect the start up of the computer, but then when i get my comp all pluged up and ready to turn on again, it won't boot! either it will get half way through boot and my screen will go blank, or it will boot, then continutally restart, or my MSI motherboard DLED lights will tell me my RAM is bad, or my processor is bad, or my video card is bad. i admit i may have touched my motherboard or RAM once or twice while foolin around in side my comp but i made sure i was grounded, then i will powerdown then power up again, and i will get something totally different, its never the same twice, it might be bad RAM one time or tell me my processoris broken the next, so i take the cover off make sure all the connections are secure, by physically pushing on all of them, and wallah! next time i boot, it will be like nothing happened, its done this almost eversince i built this computer here are my specs:

    -AMD athlon xp 1900
    -MSI K7T266a pro 2 chipset MoBo
    -256MB PC2100 ECC registerd DDR by crucial
    -NVidia Geforce 4 TI4600 128 DDR MB 3d graphics card
    -10/100 D-Link ethernet adapter
    -20 GB western digital 7200 Rpm ATA 100 Hardrive
    -10/12x pioneer DVD-ROM
    -12/10/32 plexwriter CD-RW
    -rounded ATA 100 cables
    -250 watt powersupply
    -win xp professional

    im not over clocked at all, althought i tried several times and had to replace my RAM and processor after not installing my HSF correctly (yea i know im dumb), but anyway, if anybody thinks they know why my computer is so touchy and changes at the drop of a hat, please post, im greatful for any info, my best guess at this point is that when i tried to Overclock, i messed up my mobo or somethin.

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    You might want to try running some diagnostic tools on your computer.

    Heres a google search page on some diagnostic tools. Some are free, some are shareware. Some of them you can evaluate.

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    I'm betting on a M/B problem here......they can be quite fussy at times. Your previous O/C attempt probably figures into the equation somewhere.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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