I got the new version yesterday. First ill talk about opening the box.

Ok I got it and im sitting in the truck waiting for my Mom who was in a store so i pull out my knife and cut the litlle peice of plastic tape **** that keeps it sealed. After opening it i was kinda shocked at how the books seem alot bigger than they were in 8.1 which i bought in like January of this year. Well I open the thing up and pulled out the books.

The design of the CD/DVD holding case is alot sleeker. It looks VERY good. (Bill gates said if you cant make it good make it look good. Maybe he should hire SuSE people) The SuSE Linux User guide is NICE looking and has alot in it (I Wont got into detail yet because to be honest I only flipped through it) The Admin Book as always is bigger than the user guide and also looks top notch as anyone who knows anything about SuSE would expect.

When i got home I opened up the box and took everything out. I set the books down and pulled out the CD/DVD holder, and then I pulled out the other little booklets. One is a catologue for 2003 Which has alot of information on SuSE products. Very nice. The other is the support booklet.

I opened up the CD/DVD holder and was greeted with an AWESOME sticker! (I was wondering where they were!) If you bought SuSE 8.1 professional you got 4 SuSE stickers. Well for 8.2 you get 1 sticker but, it's not a cheaply made one. This one is a professional design similar to the design on the SuSE Linux boxes and it says "SuSE LINUX" It looks amazing.

The stickers fairly high quality and something you would see on a server.

Now to the install:

One thing i noticed right away during install is that when you select packages yourself like me, it goes alot faster. I did a fresh install on my machine that was running 8.1 profesional and noticed quickly how much they have done with the GUI interface. This is am AWESOME distro and of course if youv ever talked to me before you know I'm a bit of a SuSE fanatic.

Anyway, the install looks nice! and also it seems to go alot faster. If you ever installed 8.1 and selected the packages yourself you noticed it took a second between selecting them. Well in 8.2 the time was cut in half and it goes a hell of alot quicker.

Also, another thing i noticed after it was installed was that Before it has even booted up it asked me if I would like it to check the SuSE server and see if any updates were available. I said yes to this and it checked the server and downloaded ALL patces available! BEFORE I had even booted! I was shocked at how nice this was! I made my Mom come in and look and She was like Whoa! After the updates were done it continues through set up.

The boot time has also been tweaked. This thing boots in about half the time it did in 8.1.

After it booted I was amazed just like the first time i ever booted Linux. Another thing i noticed after running YAST2 was that when selecting online update there are new features. for example i can set it up to check the server daily and download any new updates needed. I can set this up how I want but also I can totally automate this so I don't have to do a thing.

I thought this was nice. Also the GUI has been changed a bit and looks AMAZING. The applications have been moved slightly around but not to where you cant find them like with slackware

All in all I will test this out a little more.

Also I will be doing some stability tests and uptime tests for bragging rights and report back with my opinion. so far though and as I have known all along. SUSE IS THE BEST DISTRO IN THE WORLD. I have nearly 20 OSs, for me to say this you know it rules.

All in all I give SuSE 8.2 professional a 138/10

(Yes I know i have it 138 out of ten but it's THAT good...Go buy it.)