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    Question Shell account Baby steps

    Hey ppl i'v been reading about Shell acc and how thay help in hacking. so what im asking is what do i use them 4 i would like here what have you have done in ur shell i got some 90 day free one sdf.lonestar.org and one more thing if i get someones IP what can i do w/it [done] - Ballard

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    You use them to learn unix before taking the plunge and installing linux on your own box Having someones ip address wont do you any good from a free shell account - most outbound connections are banned. You need to pay to get full network access and they will just kick you off if they even suspect you are up to no good. Install linux and practice on your own box - its easier and its legal.

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    Re: Shell account Baby steps

    Originally posted here by Ballard
    [B and one more thing if i get someones IP what can i do w/it [done] - Ballard [/B]
    How about nothing , think about this, would you like it if i tracked you down, stalked you phoned your parents demanding the money you owe me for crack ? Don't try and mess with people its bad karma and there are many bigger, badder and smarter people out there than you. All you are going to do is get your self in trouble. Go read a big book on UNIX and treat others as you would like them to treat you.

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    What have I done with my shell??

    coded c/c++, perl and python apps.
    written shell scripts to do OS Detection based on Ofir Arkin's ICMP Fingerprinting Methods
    Written shell scripts to be used with ebay.com, myip.org and others.
    played games (console games kick ass)
    ran a webpage.
    Used it to get on different chat programs when in remote locations (IRC, Yahoo!, MSN, AIM)
    Another email account
    and to play around with *nix..

    It sounded like you were expecting to hear illegal activities... sorry to disappoint you. If i'm doing anything questionable... even if it is legal and the line is just fuzzy... I use my own box, Usually a VMWare Test machine. Please becareful to avoid the philosophy "I have a shell.. I'm a 31337 hacker now," because most script kiddies tend to develop that idea and even some good people end up going bad because they feel that that statement is true...

    A shell is nothing more than a console on a remote system that you have access to. You can do the same things from your own system in console mode. Hell with everything that's out there today you could do most things from your command prompt in windows. A shell is going to be restricted, so you won't get a good chance to learn the inner workings of the comp.. just the basics of *nix. So if you just want to learn.. get the commands down and then install it on your own machine and start to really learn, but if you want it for illegal purposes...... save yourself the headaches and leave it alone now.
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