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Thread: breaking the password of website

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    breaking the password of website

    ok...if u people here don`t want to tell me anything bout how to sought out my problem of " hacking a website", then any generous one willing to tell me where can i find the related stuff.

    thanx to all.

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    The people here wont tell you anything about " hacking a website" because this is a security site aimed at security minded people looking for help in preventing people like you "hacking there websites".

    Is that concept too much for you to comprehend?

    And if we were to tell you were to find "related stuff" then we would be helping you, which i for one do not want to do.

    I would recommend you have a look for forums that meet your needs because your google search for hacking forums has not served you well.

    Oh and if you do plan to hack these websites i would seriously advise on doing as much damage as possible when you've gained access to the server because that will probably be the last damage you'll do for a long time!

    Have a nice day!


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