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Thread: Kerberos and NAT

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    Kerberos and NAT

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get Kerberos to work with Network Address Translation? i.e. The users are behind a firewall which does NAT and want to connect to remote services using Keberos authentication. Oh, and this is using a hide NAT for a network, not a static NAT.

    There are a couple of ideas out there but they all result in weakening the security (e.g. including the NAT address in the kerberos tickets IP list etc..)

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    Use Kerberos 5 witch can generate adressless tickets: kinit -A

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    I would use "fpipe" available at http://www.foundstone.com/index.htm?.../freetools.htm . So you can port forward to the specified computer/port. But if your behind a router, you will have to check your router man pages.

    I'm interested in trying that new Kerberos.

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