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    *falls on the floor laughing* I think I have been online for WAYYYY too long today, I can't even read correclty anymore.

    *slaps face*
    Too much text!!

    LOL but yes NeuTron are you sure you are not a drone sent here by the CORPORATION? heheh...
    [shadow]There is no right and wrong, only fun and boring...
    Formatting my server because someone hacked into it sounds pretty boring to me...
    That\'s why it\'s all about AntiOnline.com!

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    Ok you guys got me......

    If youd like to make an order you can send cash or money order to:

    TeleZapper Inc.
    420 Infomercial Lane
    San Francisco, CA 94901


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    Now, if I can only find a way to make my TV ignore that FUC**NG Video Professor commercial...
    now what is wrong with the video professor products?!? turned me into a l337 hax0r didn't it? LoL
    How else do you expect to learn to control your mouse, AND click on the start button ALL in one day!? sheesh....
    Quitmzilla is a firefox extension that gives you stats on how long you have quit smoking, how much money you\'ve saved, how much you haven\'t smoked and recent milestones. Very helpful for people who quit smoking and used to smoke at their computers... Helps out with the urges.

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    I just registered... :P
    Wisdom begins in wonder.

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    As all_smiles pointed out you can call the number. However this number is nationwide. Not just for one particular state

    You must call from the phone you wish to put on the list. If you are already registered with a state sponsored no call list, you don't need to reinlist for the nationwide no call list.
    Your heart was talking, not your mind.
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    The Do Not call Webserver is or was overloaded earlier...
    Could not get to the registery page

    I will say my Tele-Zapper Works wonders as well....
    Franklin Werren at www.bagpipes.net
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    Cool Do Not Call

    I just got extremely lucky!! Took less than a minute to get in and out.
    Thanks for the link. I had forgotten to register until I saw the post here.

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    The loopholes our legislators left open: calling for charity, political action committees.

    We can still get the boiler room calls that collect a 75% finder fee and forward 25% to the agency they're supposedly collecting for.

    "Somehow saying I told you so just doesn't cover it" Will Smith in I, Robot

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