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Thread: Difference between c++ and visual c++

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    Question Difference between c++ and visual c++

    I only understand that visual c++ makes window like applications. and c++ is compiling codes into native codes and able to be used in the .net platforms.

    what's the major difference between them

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    C++ - programming lang created by Stroustrup.

    Visual C++ - development tool by MS capable of understanding most of the C++ language (dependent on version) and building windows .exes. Has *some* extensions which allow things like COM and MFC to integrate with the language slightly better.

    VS.NET - Can compile unmanaged C++ code just like Visual C++ *but*

    Also compiles MS's "Managed C++" which is slightly different, there are new constraints and extensions (but the syntax is broadly the same)


    In fact most people actually use fairly generic C++ and don't use M$'s extensions, except for areas like user-interface, where using MFC (Microsoft's lib for UI building in C++) does use some.

    Visual C++ does not write the code for you.

    Most sane programmers (not that there are many!) keep UI code and non-UI related code separate.


    Hardcore Windows programmers don't use the MFC anyway, and program Win32 API directly (GDI, user interface). Their programs are relatively compiler-agnostic as a result.

    If you're not programming a program with a GUI and aren't using COM libraries, there's very little reason to use the MFC, they don't offer you much over the C++ libraries. Therefore many tools don't bother. Also it makes platform dependence much less; programmers can reuse code and their skills.

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