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    Sooo Big! ... a thought

    Earlier today I sat watching the alerts coming into my mail client from NortonAV on the exchange server. At that time the day was still young and about 50 to 60 alerts had already been received. Every one was Sobig.E.

    It’s not a very stealthy virus. It’s not really very tricky or a ‘just think about opening it’ and it opens kind of thing. It’s just an Email with a malicious attachment that the recipient has to open….and they do. Time and time again.

    Don’t folks learn about these things in school? The Older computer illiterates are dying off. Shouldn’t the functional illiterate population be dwindling or are they awarding E-Machines as booby prizes at graduation.

    If a means is ever devised to dis-assemble and re-assemble matter and send it like Email Attachments, THAT would be the end of mankind. Although the un-solicited porn might be interesting for awhile
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    I think it's just the fact that people are too trusting when they use computers, especially at companies. I'm not talking about the advanced users, people who know how crazy you would have to be to open attachments from people you don't know and what not. I'm just talking about the people who went out and bought a computer to stay connected to their family who lives elsewhere, and who probably just uses it to type up papers and what not. Half of them don't even have antivirus software, or wouldn't be running it if it didn't come preloaded on the system.

    They just do their thing, check their email and go through their "computer life" without thinking that an attachment might be one of those nasty viruses that will format your hard drive just for fun. I've noticed people like this in big companies.

    But I also can't forget another type of employee, the one who just doesn't care. It's for the fact that it's at work, and that means if anything happens the tech department has to fix it... not them. So they go through all their email and just don't care if they get a virus or not. Then that person will be upset because their computer does not function, and will blame it on the IT department for not having strong enough protection.

    Personally I laugh, because what else is there to do? There have been Melissa, and the Lovebug, and what not that have made the news. Just as there will be hackers, I guess there will also be the users who will open up attachments without thinking of the next step.

    Just a thought...
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