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    tcposmod for xp (help)

    once in a while i boot up and this program runs and creates an illeagle operation, but the funny thing is: if this does happen my computer runs about 50% faster, making it easier for me to edit my videos i make.
    any1 have a clue what this is, or if it's bad?

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    OK ??? What program. Can youn give us some details?
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    I'm not sure you've posted enough information for anyone to work with. At least, I would need more info before I could start to think of what was causing your...illegal operation. Is there any way you could hit a button saying "show details" and then post the details? I'm also wondering why this is a security question....(posted as security question)

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    all i know is that, it started back when i first bought the pc, it'd open an ms-dos window and right away it'd say created a illeagle operation, saying it violation some 16-bit system or another and a really long string of numbers.
    i keep runing it cuz this way i can edit my videos without crashing (as easily)

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    well it sounds like XP is trying to run a DOS application thats linked either from "startup" section of your program files, or in the run section of your registry. Since DOS is 16bit and the Windows XP kernel is 32 bit, well, lets just say its not a really good thing. Im not sure what software your using or what sort of program you unknowingly have that is trying to load this 16-bit app, but remove it now! XP tries to emulate 16-bit as best it can, but if you wanna run DOS apps, run them in Windows 9x, or MS-DOS.

    Also, could you paste the error message to a post? That would be extremely helpful. Right now, there is all this untapped expertise out there that can't help you because you haven't explained the problem well enoguh.
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    I'll say it again. We don't have enough information!
    and a really long string of numbers
    well if that's all ya got, then post the really long string of numbers....or make a link to it or something. Any info is better than almost none.

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    umm y should i remove it when it makes my pc faster ?
    exact message is:
    The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illeagal intrustion.
    CS:058c IP:026e OP:63 6f 6d 20 50 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

    when i hit close my pc starts to run faster, better video and stuff.

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    Take a look at the link that follows....


    The problem is in the autoconf`s test. This test
    is needed to detect: gcc is a cross-compiler or not ?
    configure compile and try to run simply program. If execution of program
    failed, then gcc is cross compiler.
    But under WindowsNT or Windows2k if execution image has an unknown format
    and if its size < 64K then this image is assumed as
    16bit (.com) program and Windows tries to execute it. This is a reason of
    lockup.The problem can be solved by 2 ways.
    1. You can correct configure script.
    2. Or you can prohibit execution of 16bits programs.
    ( kill or rename ntvdm.exe in %SystemRoot%\system32 ) or
    hack registry: delete key
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    i only understood the words in that quote that the simple dictionary holds...

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    there is another discussion on tcposmod at antionline, search for it or....


    my question is: what makes you think your computer runs 50% faster with tcposmod active?

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