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Thread: AO irc chan?

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    AO irc chan?


    I really like these IRC channels and i always asked myself if there is an AO irc chan, if there is can anyone tell me the server and the chan?

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    there used to be one on the antionline website but thats no longer available, the new address that JP set up is irc.yoursincyberspace.com

    ive heard that there is another one too that most of the AO'ers hang out on but not sure of what or where it is, you may find it on the site FAQ's, there are plenty of posts about the irc channels used by the guys and gals here, just do a site search and you should find the other one.

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    Over the past few weeks this questions has been asked several times.
    The official AO irc went down when the new ownership took over.
    JP had an irc running for some time but it seems down.
    If you want to meet AOers in irc you can try the following:
    irc.unerror.com/irc.loonyservices.com or
    shrekkie.serveirc.com or

    Have fun.

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