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    Last 10 posts

    Ok I know the last 10 posts made appear on each persons profile page but i think that it should also be placed on the main page when you sign in.....just a wee box above the calander or something listing the last 10 posts that you have made. I know the first thing I do when i sign in is go straight to my profile to flick thr the posts i have made most recently to see if there has been any more additions since my last post.
    By adding the box to the main screen it would stop me having to click thro to my profile all the time - am sure others do this as well and feel the same


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    Actually I thought that was kind of the thought of the "recieve updates (subscribe) to this thread" link/checkbox? I could be wrong, but yeah I know waht you mean. Actually I kind of like doing that, because then I can surf away and whenever someone makes a post it will send me an email. I, personally, find that to be an easier way of keeping track rather than checking out all the places I posted at. I tried that whe I first started, lost interest quick. Because I found myself not really getting a chance to read a lot of threads due to the fact of always trying to keep up with the ones I had already posted at.
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