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Thread: DNS/BIND help

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    DNS/BIND help

    I dont know what I am doing wrong here with my dns/bind setup. I had set up a dns server and a web server on the same computer at work. But now i no longer work there so what I did was I took the old dns config that i had on that computer that ran fine and I copied it to my new server at home and changed the serial thinking that would be all that i would have to do. but i guess i was wrong. i have set up network setting at home now and i am using my ip as the dns server and every thing works fine i am able to resolve webpages and all that happy stuff but i am not able to connect to my web site it says that www.investors-guide.com could not be found and before any one mentions that i need to set every thing up with my registar that is already done too. here is a link to the errors that i get when i run dig on www.investors-guide.com if any one knows what else i need to do please let me know asap

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    Now There's not much detail to go along with except for the fact you've copied the DNS settings from the computer at your former job and implemented it at your comp. at home...

    I think that is the problem ... I'm not sure offcourse because I cannot take a look at your system but have you tried to rebuild your DNS or make a second one and start with a new cache.

    You can also try making a virtual host by name maybe this helps .

    If all failes maybe you can give us some printscreens from the DNS configuration.

    empty dns cache ... etc..

    Not much help I know but I try

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    The SERVFAIL message you see is an indication of a syntax error somewhere in the config file. Can you post it and I can pan through it? Did you remember to remove/add/change MX records from the file? Also, how do you have your zones setup? Do you have a PTR record for your local machine? Was the old box authoritive or a forwarder? Ya have way too many loose ends here. I think the conf file would be the best bet at resolving this.

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