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Thread: Cookie Cutter 1.0 - uninstalling

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    Cookie Cutter 1.0 - uninstalling

    I would like to kiss goobye to Cookie Cutter I installed some time ago. I
    threw all files to trash but something ("ghost") is still remaining. And that
    something is crashing my Virex 6.1 virus program when I am scanning my
    MAC. How to clean everything out? Can anybody give advice? I have MAC
    PPC 7600/200 and OS 8.6 .


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    Uninstalling a program on the Mac is very simple. For the majority of programs, the uninstall process is: delete the folder containing the application and associated files. Now if we want to be technical, we can also delete the preferences file in the Preferences folder and any Extensions/Control Panels that may have been installed
    Source Here

    If that doesn't work, just try doing a google search for "Uninstall program mac how to"

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