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Thread: Frequent Questions from the Boards

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    Frequent Questions from the Boards

    After being around AO for quite some time I have started to see alot of questions which keep creeping back up time and time again. This isn't at all strange as many of the original threads have been pushed of the main screens long before some of the new sign-ups ask the some may say that they should have searched the forums first before posting but that doesn't always work as am sure anyone who has searched for a particualar post will now

    So I thought I would put together a quick list of the most asked questions at AO and hopefully a lil info about them so that instead of trawling the search pages a quick glance in this thread could answer alot of the FAQ's

    Yes I know AO has its on FAQ but that is purely site related where as I am refering to actual questions asked by people in threads - read some of the questions you'll get the idea!

    Ok so on with the questions.....

    1: I've lost my password how can I get it back?

    - Ok this type of question is normally viewed as a thin veil to cover someone looking to access something that doesn't belong to them. But from time to time these questions can be valid. Am sure everyone at some time has lost their password for something. First thing to do is to contact the company say for example its Hotmail. Next to the sign up area they have a link just for people who can't remember their passwords. Answer some questions that you provided the answer for when you signed up and voila you can once again access your emails.

    But what about if its not something like hotmail? What if its a .zip archive that you have password protected. Well do a search for the answer

    google - (zip password recovery)

    a quick search turns up about 111,000 results for password recovery tools. This is the same for most mainstream products. But what about smaller products? they may not have tools speacily designed to retrieve passwords from them....well you could try a brute force attack.....this is where a proggie sends thousands of different combinations of letters numbers and special characters until it comes across the right combination which is your password.

    This however may take a long time to complate depending how strong your password is. So why not get in touch with the company that makes the product? Usualy something like they may be able to help you retrieve your forgotten password.

    some examples of this sort of question

    2: I think I've been hacked!!!!

    - This happens alot - i think it is mostly due to the fact that people writing these posts (99%) of the time are a lil paniced and dont think to search for similar posts but just come on and ask about it on boards. But most of the time not enough info is provided....if you are going to ask this type of question always remember some key points:

    1. Why do you think you have been hacked?
    2. What defences do you have? (firewall, AVP etc)
    3. What type of connection do you have?
    4. Is your ip dynamic ( most cases) static (cable...once again inmost cases)
    5. What operating system are you running?
    6. What ports are open?
    7. What steps have you taken to stop the attacks?

    Now there isn't really one answer that can be given for this type of question so I can't include it here but before posting please check tonybradley's tut.....

    3: What are antipoints?

    - As seen recently the ap system is subject to change the same as any toher part of the site so any specifics given about them may change as time goes on...and prolly will so heres a brief over view taken from [url=]Ennis's Antionline member FAQ[/quote]

    AntiPoints Explained by allenb1963

    Q: Once I'm able to assign AntiPoints, how do I do it?

    A: Each post has an "Assign Positive or Negative AntiPoints to This Post" link located in the upper left corner of the post which opens an assignment box. AntiPoints of a positive nature should only be assigned to posts that are worthy in that they provide a correct answer to a question, provide useful and relavent information, or make a valid point that you STRONGLY agree with. Negative AntiPoints are used for posts that provide misleading information, request information that can be used for illegal purposes, are derogatory or insulting in nature, or make a point that you STRONGLY disagree with.

    As you rise through the ranks of AO and increase your number of AntiPoints, the impact of your assignments increases as well. As that influence grows, so should the sense of responsibility you use to assign those points. Forming alliances in order to enhance your position or defile someone else's AP status is a practice that is frowned upon and dealt with severely when discovered. You are strongly urged to avoid such behaviour.

    When you assign points, you will notice an area where you are allowed to put in comments. Please attempt to use this area in a constructive manner and refrain from name calling and profanity. There will be cases where you may receive comments of this nature, but please remember that the bad behaviour of others does not excuse us from acting in a civilized manner.
    some examples of this sort of question

    4: When can I....(upload own av/post in addicts forum)

    - These types of things are dependant upon member status and are covered in the site FAQ's
    I forget the exact number of posts needed for each thing and I have a feeling these have changed since I started out....for example as far as I remember you needed 45 posts to ulpload your own custom av but i think that has now been reduced to 10 - best bet is to check actual site FAQ's as posts made on this subject or anything else that is directly related to the site as from time to time the site may change and these may be amended as well making the information in the posts inaccurate.

    5: *** Several questions answered ***

    - While searching thro for more examples of commonly asked questions I came across this post by Alcatraz
    it covers::

    What’s the best firewall?
    Where can I get a tutorial for...?
    How do I hack hotmail/yahoo/school server?
    What’s the best operating system?
    Where can I learn about hacking?
    What’s the best browser?
    What programming languages should I learn?
    hehe saves me a bit of typing answering them as you can see even us more senior members may miss old posts that are similiar to ones we are writing.

    6: Is p2p software / downloading software safe?

    - ok first things to ask yourself are
    1. Do you have a virus checker?
    2. Is it up-to-date?
    3. Do you trust the download source?

    if the answer to any of them are no then its prolly not....but it depends upon what your downloading. Most peoples fear of downloading arrises from the fear of being infected with a virus. Now if your only downloading .jpg .mp3 .txt etc then you aren't at risk but if your downloading files with .exe .bat .com type extensions then they could def contain virii
    remember to check everything with an up-to-date virus checker (avp) by up-to-date i mean ensure that you have downloaded the lastest updates from the avp's website...if you can run the prog first on a test machine to see if it causes any probs - this is not a fool proof way as some virii can lay dormant for ages before awakening to wreak havoc.
    But no matter how protected you think you are always ensure to make backups of all important information just in case. I think i summed it up best in my quicktip

    If you are unsure of a prog test it with an up-to-date virus checker. If your sure of a prog test it with an up-to-date virus checker.
    7: How do I hack [insert webmail company here]?

    - /me shakes head....right just get out :P

    ok thats the first ones i can think off but will add more as i remember some more of the questions..


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    Re: Frequent Questions from the Boards

    6: Is p2p software / downloading software safe?

    1. No.

    2. But I've scanned it with every virus checker. Is it safe now?


    3. Why not?

    It could be some trojan that your AV software doesn't know about

    4. I don't care about that? Should I install it anyway?

    No. It could be some software deliberately crippled, installed with spyware or otherwise trojaned by the manufacturer deliberately to catch crooks like you.

    5. I don't care about that either. Can I install it anyway?

    No. If you do so you will not only be breaking relevant local copyright laws, but also encouraging others to do the same. By making a statement that software piracy is acceptable you are discouraging the use of alternative, cheaper, perhaps better software, thus stifling competition.


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    Nice one Val,

    I agree wholeheartedly apart from one question:

    "What is the best.......................................?"

    My reason for this exception is because the market is competitive, and moving very quickly, so a concensus one month just might be different the next. Also, we have a dynamic membership, so different viewpoints will come and go.

    I am aware that these kind of threads frequently degenerate into a Windows v. *nix slagging match or whatever; but that is really the fault of the respondents, not the questioner?

    We are quick to say "RTFM", I think that the other side of that question is "RTFQ", where "Q" stands for question?....I have seen quite a few sensible threads destroyed by what I would describe as posting battles. Your post should be relevant to the starter of the thread's original post, unless of course, you state that your contribution is "off topic", which is a sort of "that reminds me" or "by the way", and is INTENDED TO ADD VALUE to the thread, rather than kill it?

    My final reason for this particular exception is that the "what is best?" questions give younger members a chance to have a say on more equal terms, as they can discuss stuff where they have had as long to study what is on the market, as the more experienced members (talking age/years here, not AO membership). Also the younger people are still studying, and have actually got more time to look at things, and are encouraged to do so as part of their studies. I am afraid that older cynics tend to look at "what will earn me a living", I know that I do...........In my defence I admit that I am wrong........Mea Culpa.

    Just a few thoughts

    Good idea and a nice post,



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    good post valhallen, i`m sure it`ll be quite usefull cause i`m sure i`ve seen most of those questions asked just in the last week alone.
    But i agree with nihil on the "what is the best" question. I`ve asked before what people consider to be the best firewall for my circumstances because i wanted to hear peoples personal oppinons.

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    Thumbs up

    Excellent positioning on this one Val....Nice to see that there are still some people with a level ego. Nice to have a mentor for the newbie that isn't always as perfect as the "old timers". Keep up the good work!

    \"The Only Kind Of Good Clown.... Is A Clown Gone Bad\"

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    Hey all,

    I was looking through the old posts in the newbie security sections and found this and bumped it up because I thought it was something a lot of people could learn from.

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    Good post, some of the questions I had about things were in there.

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    To the senior members of Antionline (and others as appropriate),

    Thank you for your wisdom, as well as the sharing of your knowledge. I've learned quite a few things here; and those 2 attributes in my first sentence is the reason why I keep coming back.

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