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Thread: What's missing in PHPnuke?

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    What's missing in PHPnuke?

    Or any other CMS available, for that matter. If you've ever used a CMS for your site, or if you're a regular visitor of sites that use a CMS, tell me what your experiences are with it. What do you like about it, or dont like about it? What is important for you when you choose to use a CMS for your site?


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    I've done quite a lot of research on the content management systems out there. Personally, I've used PostNuke and GeekLog, but I tried out a hell of a lot of demos and figured if I really wanted one I was better off to write my own.

    I think my problem with most content management systems is the way they manage the content. I think a lot of the informational hierarchies are confusing and not easy to navigate at all. I don't like how the Nuke programs and GeekLog are set up in that respect, especially with the article modules.

    Another thing that I think should be integrated in without a 3rd party mod is a GOOD bulletin board system, photo albums, and some sort of journaling system. These should be default and if you don't want them they should be turned off. Also, some sort of uploading of files (i.e. thread attachments that comes standard).

    Of course, the less modding I have to do with something to have it work the way I want (and it depends on it's use) the better it's going to fare with my decision making. That, and as I mentioned above the organization. My two biggest bitches.

    Are you planning on writing your own CMS, SD?

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    Yeah... well... sorta... hehe more feedback please!

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    A tricky question, you know, CMS systems are nothingmore in my opinion that a good start to do your own thing, a very bad idea is to download PHPNuke™ for example, unzip it and say, come on all i have aniceportal system, this is awful because we all can, and there are already hundreds of such junky sites around .

    CMS systems are meant to be a simple core system for an engine you do to distribute your content the way you like, or more accurate, the way it must be presented .

    I Will Even Discuss A Simple Example, saying that this site is a re-built version of some CMSout there, here is what i say about it ...
    1- Rich In Content
    2- No Unique Design, The Same Blocks Idea...
    3- Many Nice, Yet Confusing Options And Customizations
    4- Many Own Ideas Implemented
    5- Still Makes Use Of Some Old Tech's
    6- Misses For Example An WML Login Interface
    For Users To Be Able To Check At Least Account
    Status And Private Messages
    7- Violates Many Netiquete Rules

    This never means that this is a bad site, no, this just means that a good webmaster will NEVER say that he managed to come with a final version ofhis website, this is an Impossible .

    CMS systems once again are the first steps to have your own engine capable of delivering content in different ways for people with different needs, and in general, users get attracted by monthly contests, community activities, options and customization abilities .

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    Web Design Etiquete (philosophy)

    Well, That's All For Now, Maybe later.... cya .
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