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Thread: access to msn messenger

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    Talking access to msn messenger

    Out of curiousity i need to know if theres any programs out there that allow remote access to msn messenger chat domain.

    Please either respond here or email me jimyd@hotmail.com

    Thanks He||sFurY.

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    umm do you mean a program that allows you to use the MSN system without having MSN? There are a lot of them. What OS are you using?
    http://www.ceruleanstudios.com/trillian/index.html trillian is the most common used for win boxes.
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    u said abt "remote access "

    3 questions

    1. why u want remote access
    2. cant u install MSN on remote machine
    3.what kind of interface ... application or web interface

    pls be clear in this regard
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    I'm not fully understanding your question?!?! Do you mean something like AIM Express but for MSN Messanger or ....?

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    every chat program offers remote access to the chat server. now what in hell are you talking about
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    From reading the question I got the same impression as jaguar291 has. I think he wants to access MSN Messenger from anywhere without having to install it. I searched google for a service similar to AIM Express for MSN Messenger and came up empty, however, considering how many computers are running XP now and that Windows Messenger is included in XP, why not just login with Windows Messenger? It's basically the same thing.


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