Ok as some of you may have seen in my post in the web-development forum here I have just came across quite a funky piece of software for use with flash - see binary noise to see what am talking about. Well have downloaded the trial version to see if its worth investing in but as its only licensed for non-comercial use I can't make anything for work with it to test it out.

I have tried a couple of lil things but need a proper fully functioning project to test it out....thats were you lot come in

was thinking of doing a who's who of AO and posting it up for downloading - what am proposing is an interactive interface that allows the user to view a lil bit about different members.

If you want your name featured in it am gonna need

  1. : A picture of you
  2. Short passage (200 words or less) this can be anything you want...description, hobbies, intrests, random rant - anything
  3. Links to what you think are some of your best posts on site
  4. Any other sites you visit regularily
  5. Also if you can a short video of you (no porn pls) - want to test it with MX's new ability to handle video files......avi prefered - can have full audio if you like

this should all be zip,d and uploaded in this thread - all text should be done in .txt no .doc's pls
picture can be in any format you wish

if you prefer to tar or rar file feel free just rename extension to .zip so you can upload and remember to state the correct file type in your post.

Also if you want you can include a .ico design for the final piece - which ever i like from those submitted will be used and full credit given in finished file - if you have any ideas for this project or would like to lend a hand in its development pls pm me

so what you waiting for get famous on AO!!!!