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    Cool Article

    Ok I came across this article so I thought I would post it.

    Just as a reminder to people that the Gvt. is cracking down on illegal computer use.

    Although this Kid clearly is getting the short end of the stick.


    let me know what you think.


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    thtas how most of the security hackers get their bad names .... the public creates them ....just because we can do that they think we use it to do bad things ...

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    In a way though, I can see where the school is coming from. Why was he even trying in the first place? If he wasn't trying to 'test the security', then he never would have found the flaws. He didn't belong there. I don't agree with what he did. He did go about reporting it the right way and if he had any malicious intent he would have done something without reporting it at all, but it still wasn't right.

    Do I think the arrest was called for...yes...For theft, no. More like breaking and entering would be a suitable title, because that's what it was. He wasn't authorized to do what he did and there are too many 'pious do-good' hackers out there that think by finding the vulnerabilities in a system they are going to warrant a good response from the administrator of that system, but all they seem to be getting is a rough kick in the ass.

    You'd think people would see that and learn. Let the school's network administrators find out the hard way when someone with malicious intent does break in and do something because of the vulnerabilites. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way before changing what you are currently doing. And maybe this will prove a lesson to the younger people (high school) who think they are doing good by breaking other people's 'security'. Keep your nose out of where it doesn't belong and you won't find yourself in felony-threatening situations. It's not your job to test your school network. Just attend, do your work, and go home. If they want someone to test out their ****, they'll hire someone, or learn the hard way as I said before.

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    ("He entered a school computer system and downloaded sensitive information, which he decrypted, printed out, and showed to his computer teacher.")

    I don't understand why this guy didn't just make a detailed report of it all, wait intil alot of peaple leave & then tape it to a door or something. And since teachers/janitors are usually the first peaple to arrive at the schools they'd probably be the first ones there to notice the notes stuck to their doors.

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    |The|Specialist took the word's right out of my month. Why in h@ll is this guy going to show his teacher what he did, now they know who it is and where he lives, etc. I don't understand why. Is he trying to prove himself or show what other people can get into (school's grade, etc)??

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