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Thread: Debug Script Help

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    Debug Script Help

    I was just on the phone with a nice man at a computer support company ( Flow Chart Reader)

    I was stunned when out of the blue he sent me an e-mail with a "debug script"

    The script is as follows

    I haven't got alot of experience with debug can anyone determine what its supposed to do ?


    type "debug" at the command prompt

    Your prompt will be a dash "-"
    Note that you do NOT type the xxxx:xxxx.These are representations of a hex
    number that the debug program returns after A CS:100

    F 200 L1000 0

    A cs:100

    xxxx:xxxx mov ax,301

    xxxx:xxxx mov bx,200

    xxxx:xxxx mov cx,1

    xxxx:xxxx mov dx,80 (or 81 if it is the slave HDD)

    xxxx:xxxx int13

    xxxx:xxxx int20

    xxxx:xxxx (press enter for blank line)

    - g (to execute the program. JUST TYPE THE LETTER, NOT -)

    - q (quit Debug)

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    Hi mark

    The bios INT 13 instruction gives access to disk I/O instructions(basically). I can figure out what it does as ax,301 ?? is i guess hadware specific. Also you forget to mention why he sent you this script.

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    AFAIK int13 lets you read/write/reset your drives. Int20 is to signal the end of the program.
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    Supposedly to check a faulty hard disk.

    I think he may just be wasting my time.

    Tried to explain to him if I wanted to jump through hoops I would join the circus.

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    Looks like he's trying to blank (fill with 0s) the track 0, sector 1, head 0, disk 1 (or 2). I guess he wants you to reset the boot sector of your harddisk (probly something like fdisk /mbr). What's the problem? You can't boot from the harddisk or what?

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    This will zero out the Master Boot Record/Partition Table.
    It can be useful in cases where you have a corrupted
    MBR and you want to start from scratch with a fresh
    empty sector(for instance, if you had a virus in there
    that couldn't be cleared by FDISK/MBR)

    He shouldn't have given it to you without a good
    explanation and instructions though. It will not
    test your drive, it will effectively erase it.

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