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    im a newbie... i know that so just answer my question
    Can anyone show me how to create a very simple encryption program in C++. i just want to know how it works... im not trying to hide anything on my computer
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    um...no. The fact that you seem to be really rude won't help you any either. Diddn't you just post something like this a week ago and get shot down? (I know that this is your first post from this name, but I remember something really similar to this) I'll go see if I can find it.

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    First Off: Hi, welcome.....
    Second: I don't think I'm qualified enough to completely answer your question, but...
    don't you think it would be much better if you actually learn how to program C++?
    If you just want an encryption program, theres a couple of good downloadable ones.

    Good luck!

    This is me assuming that you don't know C++. If you do.... well then, just think a little about how you would best disguise a document and you can probably make your own encryptor... without help
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    There was a post recently about this...


    I, as well as other members, posted sample encryption codes in that thread so enjoy!

    Plus do a search before posting...

    = Cheers, jag291 =

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    you want a really simple program in c++?

    create an array of characters. create a second array of characters thats different. read your input. Find the letter in the first array. replace it with the coresponding character in the second array. output new character.

    Very simple substitution cipher.
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    hi friend,

    the simplest encryp/decrypt language independent algo. is as follows,

    1. generate a random no., remember this no. always as it`ll be used as key for encrypt/decryption of message.

    2. read char by char of file and add this key to ascii value, finally u`ll get encrypted file.

    3.to decrypt, again read char by char, and simple subtract this key value from the ascii value of char to get original char.

    4.keep the key secured.

    i hope this is ok with u.

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    those are all good answers, but is there any easy way to encrypt files that arnt of ASCII value?
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    thats the beautiful thing about ASCII. Each ascii code ranges from 0 to 255 and takes up just one byte! So you can encrypt binary with the same function. You just have to convert all the bytes to int first and put them in a char array.
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