You know I was having a shitty day and wasn't going to really post anything because of my mood, but I think I will now. The real funny thing is I don't even need to say anything, because everyone here has beaten me to it. But the fact still stands, you come here to us and ask for help. IF you would have read the FQA's, you would understand we do not like script babies and wonder when people ask questions like yours. Plus even in the fact of picking on you, most of the people that posted still helped you out.

4. That's Enough - and your right some one with my experience (20+ years in IT (that would mean yes I was hacking and coding when... you were all... well you know doing what your doing now... ...shitting yourselves) shouldn't play in the shallow end of the gene pool. cancel me because I won't be back.
--> If that is true, then why do you need our help? You would have to be around 45 if you went to college and have been in the IT business itself for 20+ years

Do you guys actually build internet sites and work with secuirty or do you just surf.

Maybe the knowledge level I'm looking for is beyond what a bunch of google searchers can handle.
--> That's a big mistake, because you just attacked everyone here and you should know better than that. If you are old and wise then where are your manners?

2. Your panties are in a twist (mostly due to lack of real education) (gore)
--> That's just being a plain old *******. gore could be smoking weed and shooting up while working at BK for all I care, you ever go through and read some of his posts that have helped people? You see the rating and number of posts he has, he wouldn't have all that if he was such an uneducated person. To me I think you are the uneducated person who is probably some 16 year old who wants to try and be like the big kids.

And the list goes on, but come on. If you want help doing stuff fine, if we question you we are allowed since you're a newbie. You don't have total strangers walk up to you from off the street and ask you for tips on testing their security system on a house.

Hey though that's me, that's just what I thought I could be totally wrong *cough* looser *cough*