I have been trying to get my cisco 806 broadband router to work properly for some time now.

Default IOS specs. which had the Default IP firewall

I can install it but when I disable mgt from the wan it still allows mgt from the web. (not good)

I have been using cisco router web setup just to get it configured and then I'd modify it via CLI on via console of telnet.

I thought since I had never upgraded the IOS, that I'd try that.

I have sucessfully upgraded from
IOS c806-o3sy6-mz.122-4.YH.bin (Release 12.2(1)XE)

IOS c806-k9osy6-mz.123-1a.bin (12.3.1a) with the IP/FW PLUS 3DES

I used the hardware-software compatability matrix, so I know that IOS is supported.

The thing is... now when I go to use the CRWS (cisco router web setup) it says that the router is not meant to use the CRWS.

So, I went and found the new CRWS to upgrade to and downloaded it, but have been unable to find documents on how to upgrade the CRWS. (delete the old and install the new) All the file has is the files that should be on the router. The html pages and the java pages and devfault config, etc.

Anyone know how to do it? I know that there is a way to upgrade within the CRWS, but if you can't use it... how else would you do it?! You'd think it'd be similar to the IOS upgrade, where you delete the old IOS from flash and install the new one. The CRWS isn't even listed in the flash... where would it be located?!

The most I can find is how to get to the CRWS...

EDIT: Ok I found where it was... by just messing around a bit.

The CRWS is located in webflash NOT flash. I can see all the files there... now how to copy them all over? LoL Gotta love unfamiliar territory.... I know how to configure the cisco routers... but not the broadband routers! They are different...

Aha! Found it! now to see if it works...