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Thread: ok host question here

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    ok host question here

    ok first off i know this is a fairly posted topic and im sorry for brining it up but i dont have to much time to go looking for one---brings me to the question->any good phpsupported host wit an easy to activate db..lycos stopped doing free pages as far as i know adn that screwed me for make a forum for a clan in cs. sry again for reposting this topic.

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    i host mine at www.netfirms.com

    Hope this helps


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    If you're looking for free PHP hosting, there are still quite a few out there, but don't expect to get a database right away with all of them, especially host.sk, where you have to try seperately to get one and that depends on who gives theirs up. The best free PHP hosting comes from the smaller companies/groups that you have to send an e-mail of application for acceptance. You'll get more space, no ads...and they usually have support forums. Here are some directories of free PHP hosts with their pros and cons:


    If you're looking for cheap hosting, I'm with http://www.hostdime.com
    They provide excellent service...I swear by them. They are always online.

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    Thxs u guys for the links its reli helping..im surfin them right now.

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