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Thread: What is the best laptop, now?

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    Question What is the best laptop, now?

    I'm trying to help my mom get a laptop for here to use for school and for work that will last for years and not become out of date i a year or two but she doesnt have a ton of money to spend.
    so my ? is whats the best laptop out now?
    we've been told that (cant spell) centrino was the best, for speed, power, and closer to the futer standered.

    If you could list off a couple of them in order that you would sugest that would be great i want to make sure that i dont give my mom some bad addvice.
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    A sony vaio with a Transmeta Crusoe processor would be my guess
    Realy saves power.

    Or go for a Toshiba Satelite 5100-603 P4 1.9Ghz and a GeForce4 440Go and best of all a 1600x1200 pixel display !!
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    The way things are going now days a computers gonna be out of date in a matter of months.
    If you wanted her computer to keep going then I would suggest buying from a respectable company i.e, dell, ibm, ect, and get an extended warranty. That way if anything happens they'll fix it.

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    I recommend Dell I have an Inspiron 5100. It is great. Just remember if you buy it today tommorow something better might come out.


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