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Thread: Sytem Process- SCSI Problem

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    Question Sytem Process- SCSI Problem

    Dear Friends:
    My windows NT 4 box is showing this error message---

    Last delayed write data

    the system was attempting to transfer the data from buffers to device
    \hardisk\partition1\&BitMap the write operation failed and only some of the data may be have been written to the file..

    the system config as follows

    Intel Pentium Dual 750 Mhz
    256 Megs Ram
    10 GB SCSI & 35 X 2 SCSI 7200 rpm cheatah HDD
    (Volume set)

    what could be the problem and what is the possible solution, thanks


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    There are a few possibilities ...

    The error actually means that your files might be getting corrupt ...

    We have a similar problem with a server where I work.

    The solutions where ...

    Update the firmware from the disks
    replace the raid controller

    In the end it was a problem with the navigator CD that was delivered with the HP server...
    If you use the Navigator cd for installing NT or W2K (It's the old navigator cd's witch have this problem not the new ones) , the navigator cd creates a utility partition where it installs the tools... when NT is installed it doesn't detect the utility partition and it thinks that it has the complete disk for itself ... So when it writes data to that part of the disk it creates an error because it cannot write to that part of the disk. (hope I explain it a bit clearly)

    In the end the only solution was reinstalling the entire server without the use of that navigator CD

    Another possibility can be that one of your disks is failing offcourse

    I think you have to do some investigating off your drive and your system ...

    The only thing I can do is give some pointers.


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    i checked the disk and defragmented if b4 defrag it often shows that error now its showing if the temperature of HDD's goes little high

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    If the disk shows errors you better be prepared of a crash ... cuzz I think it will happen ...if the temp runs a bit high it usally means that the mechanics run a bit hot meaning it is almost at its end of life

    If defragmenting doesn't help I think you might have some money spending to do in the near future ...

    Maybe somebody can recommend some tool to check the disk ...I can't think of some right now

    Or maybe this site Hard Disk Recovery will give you some pointers?

    Back when I was a boy, we carved our own IC's out of wood.

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    I agree with Cemetric, its time to get an an image of your drives the sooner the better, in case its about to crash&burn(With old SCSI drives that can be ugly)

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    Yup....sounds like a death-knell to me too. Check the HD manufacturers site and see if they have any diagnostic tools (i.e. "Smart Defender" for IBM/Hitachi drives) for their drives that will warn you of impending drive failure.

    Just my .02.....
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    Also, here is a MS Knowledge base article:
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