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Thread: Will IPS replace IDS ??????????????//

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    Will IPS replace IDS ??????????????//

    hi ,
    just saw the article about gartners market analysis towards IDS .even i dont accept with that .But what do u people think about the chances of IPS replacing IDS Completly ???????????

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    Well, IPS will basically be able to detect and log attacks like an IDS, but block them and kill connections (even better than a firewall). Thefore I have to say that IPS will completely replace most of the hardware out there, but may not replace distributed IDS/firewall software systems. I think people will probably buy IPS hardware, stick it in front of their core router and feel a false sense of security just like they did with firewalls. <
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    Info sec what you discribed is a active IDS (has been a round for a long time see black ice). IPS (intrusion protection system) is a fire wall. What is happening with the gartner report is some marketing folks trying t oredifine IT terms to better sell product, before you beleive any one who says this "new idea" IPS will get rid of IDS packages remember IPS was around before IDS.

    As for active IDS systms, too many false positives. In a system where security is draconian they will fly, but itsa no go in places that do Ecomerce (tell your boss that the companies are loseing sales do to false positives in the active IDS and see how fast it is shut down.)
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    I agree with bballad, this is just a marketing strat " here is the brand new detergent that cleans, irons and folds the cloths... all in 1 incredible !!"

    Ultimately, IPS will become the subsitute till something better replaces it. remember how firewalls were supposed to be the ultimate security...
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    lovedude, please be careful how you phrase questions in the future, and try to use decent grammer and punctuation. if possible, edit the thread so that you don't look like this:

    blahb blabhla bhab .... alsdkfj aldhf b. as.df. .

    even AO'ers who don't use english daily can still put their periods at the ends of sentences.
    I have a feeling that's why you got so many negs on that.
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