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Thread: Online IT recruitment

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    Online IT recruitment

    Dear all,

    I am a recent UK IT graduate and have started the arduous task of seeking full time employment, with little success. I though I'd post some questions regarding your thoughts of the process of online recruitment so that myself and other AO'rs may benefit from your experiences.

    What UK online recruitment site(s) do you use and why? Would you avoid using online IT UK recruitment site(s) and why? Do you know of any IT UK specific job sites? What experiences do you have of using online recruitment services and have you ever gained employment using them? Do you believe that your online applications are dealt with in the same manner as a normal snail mail application?

    All replies appreciated.

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    Although I am still an IT undergraduate, I have tested the water with on-line recruitment agencies, and must say that I am not very impressed with the results. I still occasionally receive e-mails for position's that may be suitable for me , unfortunately none of them have matched the criteria that I originally specified . It would appear if it's IT related then it must be OK, taking no account of the fact that I did not want anything software related. I think gojobsite and Reed are two that I have used and I check out jobcentreplus from time to time. Apart from on-line recruitment, I am not a great fan of employment agencies in general, as you will normally see the same vacancy advertised with several agencies. I have never got employment through an agency, it has always been directly with the employer concerned. I feel that a lot of time can be saved by going via an organisation's personnel dept, for example , in my case , when requesting an application form or enquiring about a vacancy I can always ask about any age restrictions, etc, that are not always specified in advertisements, and by asking the right questions at this stage, may avoid wasting time by applying at all. I don't really know how on-line applications are dealt with, but you can see how often your CV has been viewed on some sites. I don't think there's anything to beat the good old-fashioned letter with a good CV. Just a thought.Best of luck with your job hunting, personally I prefer being a student.
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    Well im still an undergraduate and i too am having no luck looking for jobs in the UK and Ireland.

    I regularly visit the following recruitment websites but have yet to find my ideal job.


    Good luck with your searching!


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    Umm... can I just say one thing... being an old has been (at only 30 as well) I still haven't found my ideal job.... I'm stilll looking (nil illegitmo carborundum I say- a bit of pidgin latin for you ) The only advice I can give is take a job which is at least in the area you want to be in and get experience of the working world. The degrees help get you onto the 'maybe pile' but experience works wonders at an interview. With so many people having degrees in the UK these days the achievement isn't quite so valued as it once was (rightly or wrongly). Employers half expect younger people to move around quite a lot so don't be afraid of getting a job only to move on 1-2 years later - the experience is important. One other thing which is important is timing... right now (at this time of year I mean) for example is an excellent time to apply for jobs - why.... because a lot of people are on holiday and haven't applied for jobs... where as if you apply a little earlier or later in the year or when exams have finished you'll find a lot of other graduates to compete with.

    Finally I'd also agree with jm459 in that I don't think you can beat the old fashioned approach - shows initiative and that you have 'some balls' and employers always like that. But it doesn't do any harm to visit those places r3b00+ has mentioned - you need to spread your name around the place as liberally as possible.

    Good luck to all 3 of you!

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