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    Exclamation how can i hack shell ?

    mmy questions are
    1. i know that there are some shell that ppl can hack so my qusetion is how can i find shell that i can hack ? does it have any scanners or something like that ? i know that it hard but i want to learn it soo much did someone have a tutrial or somthing that explain this ?

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    Learn about the shell..

    one of the most commonly used shells is the Bourne Again SHell ( bash )

    Learn about BASH and Shell scripting in common http://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/
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    I guess you're using Windows, so just learn to work in DOS. ->search the antionline tutorial forum
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    How about going to the beach. There are plenty of shells to hack there....

    Seriously, this sounds like you are asking us how to hack, which is not really smiled upon in this forum.
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    I have read your previous posts, and I do think your intentions are not malious, but you need to read a thread by valhallen: unofficial guide to AO and netiquette http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=245220
    Your phrazing and terminology will get you negged, when perhaps(?) you don't really mean what is coming accross to us.
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    "shell" is kind of a big term when it comes to computers. Windows 3.x/95/98 were all a shell (well it's a big debate still) of the operating system DOS. Then you also have a "shell" which would refer to a *nix envirornment.

    So you have many options to play with. Personally I would start looking up information on Unix/Linux OSs and read about the many different shells you can use. You can just use a search engine like google to look up information, or search the AO forum for a ton of tutorials and such. DOS is something else to learn seeing as there are a few commands that re nice to use, but I wouldn't stress over it.

    One last thing, as mentioned above, do watch how you present yourself. We do not take kindly to hackers, but we are here to help those who want to be educated.

    Enjoy the hunt!
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    Originally posted here by AciDriveHB
    "shell" is kind of a big term when it comes to computers. Windows 3.x/95/98 were all a shell (well it's a big debate still) of the operating system DOS.
    Windows 3.x was a shell... that can't be debated. However Win 9x was an actual operating system, it still had DOS but it was it's own DOS created specifically as part of the OS... it didn't require a prevous OS before being installed. That was probably the one benefit of those operating systems, they included access to just the DOS portion of the OS without requiring the rest of the OS to be loaded, something modern MS operating systems don't do.
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    Anyways.... I'm having a hard time comprehending FRiZz3R's question. He's either asking how to hack, or for hacking wargames. If it's the first one.. yer on yer own dude. If it's the second one.. I'd suggest http://www.hackerslab.org. Many AO'ers play it and there are several threads on it, just do a search. If you are looking to learn basic shell commands, then I'd suggest you telnet to sdf.lonestar.org and create a new account.
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    i dont need a shell in need hacked shell so it cant trace me if i run exploits and i dont want that you ppl give it to me i want to learn how hack it

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