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Thread: "hacking" challenges

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    Talking "hacking" challenges

    Hey guys:

    I was wondering if u guys knew about any good forensic challenge sites.
    I'm looking for a good one so I can learn more. Not too hard, though.
    These are the ones I know already:
    These are sites that u guys have mentioned that I went to.
    try2hack is good, still working on the level 2 username though (lol)
    mod-x has me stumped (level 1, I just can't figure it out)
    and I still can't access the hackerslab prompt

    I'd be very gratefull if u guys could give me some more sites, thanks
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    Before trying those challenges i recommend learning a bit more first then you can practice your knowledge because level 2 of try2hack is still a peace of cake
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    The following link has tons of links to:
    hacker challenges, wargames and telnet hosts

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    try checking google or other majour sear engins theres gotta be alot out there. Not that I'm some uber hacker or anything, I tryd one and only could get to the second stage, lol seems i still need alot of learning before I can really "play" those types of "games" hah. good luck.
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    Ed Skoudis, writer of Counterhack and an instructor with SANS, has his 'Crack the Hacker challenges' pretty often. He has been basing them on old movies and I have always thoroughly enjoyed them. He usually has prizes attached to being the first to figure it out and it is heavily into forensics. You can find them at:


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    www.hdcwargame.com is a good one...
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