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Thread: AONewsletter #8

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    AONewsletter #8

    Here it is. Not huge again but does have some good info. I am looking for articles and such for the next issue. Deadline is set at September 5th, 2003. If you are interested, just send me a note or email me at with a subject line of AO Newsletter.

    I'm also looking for a name for the newsletter. Something other than just .. AONewsletter. I don't have prize but you'll get credit and you're name in "lights".

    Hope y'all enjoy it. If you have problems open it, let me know. It's in PDF format again.
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    hmmm im lucky to be teh first one to download it
    good job for all the people that worked on it and i hope it would be intresting...

    edit: lmao i have posted after i downloaded... 7 mins with my "313373" 56k modem....
    but i started to dl first :P

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    How about AntiOnline Insight?
    Or AO Insight?
    The AO RAG, maybe? hehehe j/k
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    I'd like to second KorpDeath's AO Insight.. It sounds good... and that's basically what it is.. Antionline's insight into computers and security.

    Thanks MsM for putting the work into compiling this issue.

    I'm definately going to work on an article for the next issue and I'd encourage all AOers to do the same.... It'll be the first issue with a real name, so let's make it an issue to remember.
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    bette wait till #10 for that
    there'll probably arround 100 in a while, so 9 isn't special unless I get a paperback printed version with at least 300 pages etc etc.
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    How about "Formerly Known as The AOnewsletter"[/joke]

    Good read to all who participated, thanks for the great effort MsMittens.

    The AO Insight is a good idea, if my opinions hold water at this point.

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    I got the Newsletter HEY HEY, I got the Newsletter Woohooo. Thankyou a lot MsMittens!!! Am so happy.

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    how about AO's point-of-view ..... i also like the idea AO's Insight ....

    [joke] or AO's Times [/joke]

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    How many times does the newsletter come out? You could do something like

    AntiOnline's Annual
    AntiOnline's Quarterly


    AO Illustrated
    AO Inspection
    AntiOnlineZine - AntiOnline's EZine

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