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Thread: Afraid of IRC?

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    Lightbulb Afraid of IRC?

    Are you afraid of getting attacked on IRC? Well, go here for a whole tutorial on how IRC attacks are made how and how to prevent them.
    \"The living fear the dead, the dead envy the living...But those who have not died yet do not live, always hate...\" - The Ghosts

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    After seeing what users can find out about you, it is time to learn how to hide your identity.

    There is no easy and lame way to do this. Here are the most knows ways: FireWall, WinGate and a Bouncer aka (As Knows As) BNC.
    We will start from the firewall.
    The firewall we are talking about is software that runs on some machine and is used to filter incoming packets (packets that arrive to the machine which is running the firewall) and outgoing packets (packets that are sent from the machine which is running the firewall). Some firewalls are not configured very well and allow anyone to connect to them. The hard part is to find a working one that will allow you to use it to connect through it, and once you are connected, using it so users that will whois you or dns you will see the firewall's IP! If, for example, there is a misconfigured FireWall on the host firewall.someone.com, you can use it in mIRC, for example, by starting the mIRC program (I use the newest version 5.6, go download it at www.mirc.co.uk) and:
    1. Click on the Files menu, then Options.
    2. On the topmost label of the tree where you can see 'Connect', If you see a '+' next to it click it. If you see a '-' go to the next step
    3. Click on the sub-item Firewall (duh...)
    4. Be sure the 'Use SOCKS firewall' checkbox is marked (has an 'X' in it).
    5. In the Hostname field, write the IP / Hostname of the firewall. For example lets use firewall.someone.com
    6. Leave the USER ID and PASSWORD empty, and make sure the port in 1080.
    7. Click OK.
    Full Article here

    I do not scare getting attacked on IRC, as long as i put Firewall and do not share my PC information and also hide my identity and get last Updated AV. Nice post guy, interesting to read those thing.


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