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    trojan irc/backdoor.sdbot

    this trojan was found on my computer in file c;\windows\system32\system32.exe . i ran avg scanning program which detected and healed the trojan. now every time i re-start my computer a pop,up ''system32exe'' appeares on my screen. is the trojan still in my computer. help on this matter would be greatly appreciated thankyou.

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    Heres removal tips from Symantec

    Additional information:

    Once this type of Trojan attacks a computer, it is difficult to determine what else the computer has been exposed to.

    In most cases, any changes—other than those that the Trojan made—will not have occurred. However, the Trojan's creator may have been able to use the Trojan to access the computer to make changes to it.

    Unless you can be absolutely sure that malicious activity has not been performed on the computer, we recommend completely re-installing the operating system.
    You'll just have to be that bit more careful in the future...


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    thanks to r3boo+ will try suggestions much appreciated. also to Msmittens for the sweetypops thanks all.

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