The Defacers Challenge???
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Thread: The Defacers Challenge???

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    The Defacers Challenge???

    Is there any truth to an upcoming event named "The Defacers Challenge" (TDC)?
    I recieved an email warning about the TDC that will begin in the morning hours of July 6th. It is a challenge to deface as many websites as possible. Points are obtained according to the OS of the defaced webserver.

    More info is posted on as of 7.3.03

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    i think it's a crock of crap... stupid script kiddies (web-defacing is UBER-STRUPID)...
    I wouldn't worry about...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    This is an actual situation, check these links:

    I have also heard of announcments on MSNBC, and Canadian Public Radio.
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