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    as a newcomer to the computer world i am unable to determine if this trojan is completly removed from my computer or what else my computer has been exposed to. i would feel confident in re-installing the operating system. is this a simple procedure for a newcomer like myself to perform? i was also trying to locate my norton internet security,anti viris, on my computer and was unable to find this to update it. all help would be greatly appreciated.thankyou.

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    Reinstalling your OS is very simple, depending on which one you use, basically all you have to do is pop in the disk, reboot and wait. Your norton items may have been removed my the culprit who was behind the trojan for fear you would detect it, reinstalling them might be a good idea too.
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    thanku SirSub for your advice. ihave since re-installed and updated my norton items but am now thinking that i should have re-installed o/s first to avoid re-inst. of anti-virus????????????

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    Perform the following to remove Backdoor.Sdbot:

    1. Download the latest virus definitions.
    2. Restart the computer in Safe mode (for Windows 95/98/Me).
    3. Stop the Trojan process (for Windows NT/2000/XP).
    4. Scan with Norton AntiVirus and delete all the infected files.
    5. Edit the registry to delete the entries that the Trojan added.

    Full document here

    According to the removal instructions you shouldn't need to reinstal your o/s. And you really don't want to be reinstalling your o/s unless you have to. It can be a pain depending on what o/s you have.

    I hope that helps...
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